E-LEGAL is a multi-functional portal developed with innovative methods for the first time in Azerbaijan in order to be a professional and fast solution to everyone's legal problem. The E-LEGAL portal provides all kinds of legal services (consultation - written or video call consultation on the platform; automatic and on-demand creation of contracts; writing of claims and complaints and provision of a person with a lawyer) by answering a set of pre-prepared questions by taking a few minutes of the client. translation and expertise of legal documents, provision of requests; preparation of reports to government bodies; legal support in company More creation and management) in the fastest way possible, as well as created as a bridge platform between lawyers and people who need legal services. Less

Our values

Individual and practical approach

Professional lawyers provide legal services based on an individual and practical approach to any type of legal issue.

Perfection and speed

Excellence is part of our daily work, and the platform is about speed.

Responsibility and professionalism

You can easily entrust all your legal issues related to your business or personal problems to our responsible and professional team.